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Reasons Why Russian Women Are So Beautiful

We all know that Russian women are really famous for their beauty and it’s very common that we hear men drooling around these girls and we ask ourselves why? Well, this is a list of the reasons why Russian women are so beautiful, but we are not sure it’s something we would like to follow… Draw your own conclusions.

7 factors that make Russian, women look always more beautiful than anyone

  • Beauty Comes After All

In Russia, the first and most important priority of any girl is getting a partner. Because being single is not respected in the country, girls do everything and compete fiercely among them to win a husband or fiancé.

On the other hand, being the prettiest of all is the only way to actually get a partner since they don’t care so much about education or beliefs, only the looks.

All this, make Russian girls be really concerned about how they look in every little detail. So they always wear the best makeup they can and make sure to fix themselves perfectly even if they’re just going to the grocery… So, how can we compete with our face washed and flip-flops?

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  • Better Genetic And Skin

Being Slavic in most cases but with a great influence of a lot s mixture (from invasions and wars all over the history), they’ve managed to develop a genetic which joints together several of the most attractive features on a woman; they not only have a thicker skin that wrinkles slowly but also have more symmetrical faces and really high cheekbones, their bodies are proportioned and they are not too tall or too short, but usually have long legs.

All these features given to them by natural mixture and the fact they help themselves a lot, while not taking too much sun, makes them look really superb against other women.

  • Healthy Food

Gastronomic nutrition is a very delicate theme there in Russia. Unlike most country, Russians are against processed food and tend to promote agriculture even at home. This, besides the fact that most girls are not actually wealthy, make them eat healthier without so much chemists and synthetic products and that reflexes in their skin, hair and body, remember that we are what we eat!

  1. High Self-Esteem and Sexual Interests

Russian women don’t doubt themselves; they’re confident, they make themselves look prettier than they are and they have vision. This is simply the philosophy of Russian women so they work hard to keep it that way every day. Especially because they know that if they look shiny and happy, men will look them at the same way.

Besides, this confidence, high self-esteem, and self-love lead them to be very sexual and with a natural wild appealing so these magnetic forces obviously make them really attractive to men around the world.

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